Seeing Things Differently

Approaching Creative Writing Through Photography

Seeing Things Differently empowers young writers. Using a lens-based approach to storytelling, the project aims to improve children’s creative writing and their understanding of narrative techniques.

The teaching of creative writing in schools is often held hostage to examination targets which can cramp children’s creativity. Working with our partner schools, Bede South and Bede Academy, Seeing Things Differently aims to tackle this issue. A photographer and a writer are re-imagining the way we teach creative writing skills, uses photography as the basis to explore new ways of teaching narrative skills, authorial purpose and creative decision making.

“I’ve learnt more about photography and now when I write my descriptions are better because it makes my imagination go wild.”

“Its creative and at the same time you are still doing work so it’s like both of them but actually you don’t know that you are doing work.”

“My writing has really improved just from being more creative and looking at things in a different way.”