Home is...

a sizzling bacon crispy fat smell in the kitchen
nana sitting on the sofa playing Wordle
my baby sister saying "Hiya" when I come in the house after playing out
the sound of my big sister's hair sizzling in her hair curlers
my neighbour freaking out because they have lost their car keys
my brother's signed top, the smell of pizza cooking, and a cosy warm bed
my little sister doing back bends in the sitting room and my dad shouting for Newcastle to win
my brother crying over the ice-cream man because they don't have what he always gets

Home is a washing machine on spin
Home is fresh laundry on the sofa and Sunday dinner cooking
Home is mam telling Alexa to play nice ocean sounds
Home is my family cuddling up
Home will be waiting up for you

This exhibition offers a child's eye view of home. During autumn 2023, children from Annfield Plain Junior School and St Joseph's Catholic Primary School worked with artists Bob Beagrie and Madeleine Waller to develop their writing and photography skills, before taking the cameras home to capture what "home" means to them.

The project was funded by Karbon Homes and delivered by The Forge

One of Karbon's key aims is to shape strong, sustainable places for our communities where local people can thrive. This project is part of Karbon's wider investment in Stanley town centre, helping to regenerate the high street and build community pride.